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Why is Everyone Talking about the
Award Winning BeC Nebulizer?

The World is a Dangerous Place for your Lungs

Let’s face it, whether it’s Covid, COPD, pollution or pollen and dangerous allergens causing asthma attacks, the world is becoming a harsh place for even the strongest of lungs. Now more than ever, world-renowned doctors are reccomending having a nebulizer in the home to help protect you and your loved ones lungs.

Why Risk Your Health when a revolutionary device is Available

There is a safe alternative to save your lungs.  The BeC Nebulizer produces a cool, comforting mist to protect the lungs from drying out, offering 


See it in Action

Designed and Tested in the United States of America

Blue Echo Care, the makers of the BeC Compact, Portable Nebulizer, is an American Company with ISO certification.  All products are developed, designed and tested in the USA and are put to the rigorous testing standards of ISO international Standards.

How to Use

Connect Mask to Solution Cup

Connect Tubing to Nebulizer

Or Connect Mouthpiece

Place Mask over Head

Connect Tubing to Solution Cup

Turn on and Breathe in Cool Mist

Did You Know?

300 million people are affected by COPD and 300 million are affected by asthma globally.  That’s almost 10% of the worlds population! 

These are the 2 most common respiratory related chronic diseases in the world but there are countless of others afflicting millions of people.

Using a nebulizer, particularly for small children, offers an exceptionally easy solution for administering medicines to the lungs, whether prescription or otherwise.

More and more doctors are reccomending every household in America keep a nebulizer on hand in case of infection from airborne diseases.  With over a decade of experience making top of the line nebulizers, you can trust Blue Echo Care to offer the most reliant, long lasting compressor nebulizer on the market.

Just check out one of the hundreds of 5 star reviews we have on Amazon by clicking the order now button below!

What is a Nebulizer and How to Use One

Budget Friendly Nebulizer

Unlike any other Nebulizer on the market, the BeC Compact, Portable Nebulizer Compressor includes 20 filters for a cost savings of $13.99.  While the majority of nebulizers sold on Amazon only include 5 filters and cost upwards of $100, the BeC Nebulizer cost $59.99.  Oh, and if you buy on Amazon, shipping is free!

We developed our Nebulizer with the health of our users in mind.  That’s why all plastics in our tubing is food grade!

What Our Clients Say

Janice Fowler
Janice Fowler
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I love how incredibly quiet the BeC Nebulizer is. My daughter uses it and it's been so wonderful as the sound doesn't bother her.
Mark Cena
Mark Cena
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Easy to Use; just attach the tubing, put a little water into the solution cup, add your medicine (I use albuterol) and we are ready to go. I've had mine for 8 months and it's worked great!
Don Lim
Don Lim
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Wow! What can I say about BeC? I saw and add on youtube and was super skeptical; then I gave then a call and spoke with the Owner of Blue Echo Care , Ed, and he really explained to me what a nebulizer is and what it's used for.

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