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Get your 100 Free Filters (a value of $64) with your Purchase of the Bec Nebulizer!

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For anyone with COPD, asthma or a host of other respiratory inhibiting, chronic and debilitating affliction, a nebulizer compressor is your best friend.  But the biggest complaint we hear about from our customers always is the same thing; how often do I have to change the filters? Which is quickly followed up with, filters cost how much? 

While the BeC Nebulizer already comes with 20 filters for free, when you’re suppose to change the filter after every use, this adds up incredibly quickly.  With some people need to use a nebulizer 2x a day, this means 60 filters a month.

Our team at BeC created this promotion to help our customers save money while getting the lifsaving products they need.  No one should be blocked from affordable, at home healthcare because of cost.

-Ed Wagner, Founder/CEO, BeC Nebulizer