A Nebulizer and a Dream

Why The Nebulizer?

Growing up with Asthma

When I was growing up, I played every sport imaginable; football, baseball, soccer, basetball, tennis, even bocce ball (that’s considered a sport right?). Never did I considered there was something wrong with me when my mom was pulling out an inhaler for me to puff on the sideline.

As I got older, I upgraded to this dingy looking, pale blue box with a hose hanging out from it and a funny little bulb where I put my lips on to breathe down my medicine (Am I dating myself right now or what?).  It wasnt until I was in my early teens that I realized not everyone had a badass “breather box” (as I’d call it).

It’s funny what travels with you into your “adulthood”  (I put those in quotes because even as I broach the early years of my 40’s, I still dont feel like an adult).  I always remember that stupid blue nebulizer I had as a kid and as I ventured into the real world with a real job and eventually settled on entrepreneurial pursuits, I remember funny things about that nebulizer and about what life what like when I was younger; I don’t remember the smell of albuterol, I don’t remember slowing down in soccer proactive to take a puff on my inhaler.  What I do remember is my mom and her always being there for me when I needed an inhaler or a nebulizer.  I got to be an active kid and got to enjoy my life, not because of the device or the medicine but because I had family there for me when I needed it.

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