Compressor Nebulizer For Sale

Nebulizer compressors come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some nebulizer compressors are portable and can be powered by batteries. But what is the right one for you or your family member?  This is a always a difficult decision to make and often takes quite a bit of due diligence to figure out.  But worry not!  Our team at BeC has put together a simple and concise article to help get to the bottom of what Nebulizer compressor is the best :).

How to Pick the Best Nebulizer

Nebulizers can vary in price, features, and Compressor types. When Nebulizing it is important to have a Nebulizer that is comfortable and easy to use. Some people like to use a mask to connect to their solution cup, some people like to use a mouthpiece. Some Nebulizers are small and lightweight making them portable and easy to travel with. Others are larger and are meant for greater max pressure range and smaller particles.

if you’ve used a nebulizer in the past, you’ve most likely figured out what Nebulizer type, size, and compressor you like. If you’re new to Nebulizers, it’s best to ask your physician or a Nebulizer specialist what Nebulizer they recommend for you. Most likely, it depends on if you are using a Nebulizer for asthma, COPD or other respiratory issues.

What is the difference between an aerosol inhaler and a Nebulizer?

Nebulizers turn liquid medication into an aerosol or mist that can be easily Nebulized and breathed in. Nebulizers are often used for young children, the elderly, or people with respiratory issues like asthma or COPD. Nebulizers are also useful for anyone who has trouble using an inhaler correctly.

Inhalers measure and release a specific amount of medication into your mouth and throat. Inhalers are portable and easy to use. You can carry an inhaler with you everywhere you go. Inhalers are often used for people with asthma or COPD.

Nebulizers and Inhalers both deliver medication to the lungs, but they do so in different ways. Again (I sound like a total brokne record here) you always should check with your doctor to determine what kind of medication you should be using with your nebulizer or if you should just be using saline.

Battery-powered vs Plug in nebulizers; which is better?

Battery powered Nebulizers are great for people who travel often or are always on the go. Some people prefer battery powered Nebulizers because they are more portable. Nebulizers that plug into the wall are also a great option. Nebulizers that plug into the wall are often more powerful than battery powered Nebulizers.

It really depends on your Nebulizer needs as to which Nebulizer is better for you. If you travel often, a battery powered Nebulizer might be a good option for you. A lot of our customers often keep a battery powered nebulizer for travel and a plug in style nebulizer at home.

So whats the best Nebulizer?

It’s the most frustrating answer but the most honest; it depends!  if you are looking to purchase a nebulizer ,you should be asing yourself the following questions:

Why am I buying a nebulizer?  If its for asthma, you’ll most likely want a nebulizerwith smaller particle rates and better pressure (compressor nebulizer)

If its for COPD, you’ll want partcles in range of 5-8 um (like the nebulizer we sell on our website).


You’ll also want to ask yourself; do I need to travel or not to determine if you need a battery-powered nebulizer or a plug-in.