Compressor Nebulizer Machine for Adults; How to Change Filters

Changing the filter in your nebulizer is a critical aspect of the health and longevity of your device. Now with the BeC Nebulizer, it’s easier than ever to replace your filter!

  1. Open the filter cover. It’s the small, round cap underneath the connecter component for the tubing located on the compressor. You can use your fingernails or you can use a flat head screwdriver. My grandmother (who uses a nebulizer) doesn’t have the dexterity in her fingers that she once did and now keeps a small screwdriver in the travel bag that comes with the BeC nebulizer.
  2. Remove the old filter from the nebulizer. This step is the easiest of this process. A good rule of thumb for the filters; if there is any discoloration like a yellow hew, then it’s time to replace.
  3. Insert the new filter into the nebulizer. Make sure the flat side of the filters is parallel with the compressor. If the filter is placed with the rounded edges first, then there is a high probability that the filter will be folded over and won’t function properly.
  4. Make sure the new filter is seated properly and securely. The filter should fit entirely into the casing without any overhang. If there is overhang, the filters are quite soft and can easily be pushed into the casing to ensure a proper fit.
  5. Replace the cover. Make sure the cover is pushed down snugly into the chamber. There should be no space between the lip of the cover and the compressor edge.

That’s it! You’ve replaced the filter. You’ll need to do this after every 2-3 uses of your nebulizer but that’s really dependent on how if or what medication you’re using in the device. I personally replace the filter after every use to ensure no bacteria gets caught up in the filter.

I hope that was helpful and as always, we have a giveaway of 100 filters whenever you purchase a nebulizer from us on Amazon!

If you have any questions about replacing the filter in your nebulizer, please feel free to contact our customer service team at (855) 860-3404. We’re always happy to help!